Art Guidelines and Accepted File Formats
We accept files created in the following native applications:

Adobe Illustrator® Macintosh and PC – Adobe Illustrator® CS5
Change all text into outlines in your document, or supply all fonts used. If you are using an imported graphic in your Illustrator® document, be sure to include the original graphic file. Place graphics at 100%.

Adobe Photoshop® Macintosh and PC – Adobe Photoshop® CS5
We recommend that you submit black and white bitmap images at 600 dpi and grayscale images at 300 dpi for standard spot printing. For full-color printing, CMYK images need to be submitted at 300 dpi. Images that come to Sunshine Tees at lower resolutions than what is recommended will be output as sent. We will not raise the resolution here. All files need to be submitted at the size being used for printing.

Corel Draw® PC only, version X5
Always export your files according to the following specifications and be sure to include your supporting graphics when sending to us.

Place all graphics at 100%.
Always select the “text to curves” option to eliminate font information from your file. Additional requirements for full-color printing:

Unacceptable Artwork
Generally, text documents in standard file formats (Word, Excel, WordPerfect, RTF, unformatted text) are acceptable for standard business-oriented output or inclusion into other documents only. As graphics programs, these tend to produce unacceptable results on high end printing devices, and do not have color matching capabilities. Faxes, copies of faxes, photocopies, photographs, slides, transparencies, halftone art that needs resizing, low-resolution laser or inkjet artwork, letterhead, business cards, actual imprinted items or any other art that needs to be touched-up, color separated or made one color all require artwork charges to make usable in almost any situation.

Vector art such as Illustrator or Corel files provide superior reproduction quality and allows images to be resized without loss
of sharpness or detail. Raster art such as Photoshop, JPEG, BMP or TIFF are acceptable for generating full color output, but not for single or spot color applications (silkscreen, vinyl banners/signs, etc.)